some illustrations i did today of some of my favourite looks of Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2011 collection (a personal fave of theirs for me!)

Detailed shot of my final garment.

Inspiration- The atmosphere of Tower Blocks and Council Estates

Voile, Georgette, Acrylic Paint, Interfacing, Heat Press, Laser Cut, Stitch.

(This is my final outcome from my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design)


Spring 2013 saw Tisci lay off what has become so iconic of Givenchy for the past year and a half- the surreal motifs and organic textures…and instead went back to circa 2007. This collection, like many previous to the print lead collections focused very much on a woman that holds an elegance and class, someone who is in control. The colour palette was extremely pure, duck egg blue, taupe, black and white were the only shades to be seen, a modernist. There was still the austerity of traditional Givenchy tailoring, however soft colours, sheer fabrics, translucent layering and gentle movement took the severe edge off the hard tailoring with the softer lines. The power frills seemed like a modern take on the Pre-Raphaelites, there was a sense of serenity and peace created by the delicacy, as well as still having a subtle gothic thread running throughout. It felt like Tisci began to touch on minimalism also, with the silhouettes and fabrics not being overly complex and much more refined. The collection had a fresh vibe that we havent seen at Givenchy for a long time, this battle of good and bad, where the woman who wears the clothes exudes confidence in a non arrogant way. Very new, but still VERY Givenchy.

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Sketches i worked on today.

I havent posted some sketches in a while. I did these just in the last hour or so…and was mainly experimenting with the contrast between hard and soft…using soft drapes against something more severe, angular and architectural.


Serene pastels, mysterious blues, heavy jewel enrusted embroidery, sculptural lace and textured woven panels are some of the elements which contributed to Peter Som’s highly surface design driven Spring Summer 2013 collection. The epitome of femininity with summer layers in diaphanous fabrics and fairytale perfection.

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It has been a while since i bought a magazine, i rarely find time to sit down and actually read them! I picked these 3 up today, and i am super excited about reading this issue of i-D!

Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2012

Once again, Tisci has continued to take Haute Couture in a new direction, far from the extravagance and obvious glamour of miles of fabric and hand sewn crystals. This time, Tisci was very organic with his approach, using a colour palette which is back to basics and reminiscent of something you would find in a nomadic tribe. There was a contrast created between luxury and necessity, with large glossy red stones being placed on the same piece which had basic fabrics such as fur and suede, however Tisci managed to use these two opposing elements in a very controlled and refined way by using symmetrical patterns to create harmony. I felt that Riccardo Tisci took inspiration from the outside world and reintroduced the heavily prominent trend of Tribal which was so strong a couple of seasons ago.

Givenchy is always the collection i am the most eager to see every couture season. The reason being that Tisci has such an individual take on the extravagance and luxury of Couture and is not afraid to use fabrics and colours which other designers don’t use in their Couture collections. He manages to tell a story between every season, and all collections that Tisci creates flow together in such a stunning, mesmerising way like no other designer. I have no words that can do how much i appreciate his work and how inspiring i find his pieces for Givenchy and Tisci himself.

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I discovered COS around a year ago, and for the prices of the pieces i think the quality you get is immense. The brand has such a different take on fashion compared to other stores with similar price points. I love the boxy, structured and minimalist qualities about the garments and the way they are all so versatile. 

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